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What you won't find here are MTF charts, statistics or pixel peeping. If you're after a full on technical analysis then Google is your friend. What you will find here are my experiences taking real pictures with my kit in the real world. I cover items I have previously or are currently using. If I no longer use them I explain why they didn't fit into my particular style.


Lenses aren't cheap but provided you look after them they hold their value - especially first party (Canon) ones. You also get what you pay and the old addage of buying the best glass you can afford definitely rings true.

Sigma 10-20 EX DC HSM.

Sigma's APS-C equivalent of a 16-32 wide angle lens.

Canon 28-135 IS USM F3.5-5.6.

Dated walkabout lens for those on a budget.

Canon 70-300 IS USM F4-5.6.

Now updated to show some real world examples.

Gadgets and accessories.

Various useful (and not so useful) bits and pieces.

Canon 500D with the Canon 70-300IS.

Canon's closeup lens combined with the 70-300IS - can this really be a viable alternative to a dedicated Macro ? Despite what logic should suggest - yes !

My current kit.

A short summary of what I use and why.

LowePro Mini Trekker AW.

A comfy weatherproof bag that can carry an amazing amount of stuff.


Mounting and framing your prints..

There's nothing worse than taking photographs you're proud of ... and leaving them on your computer. So why not get yourself some prints and mount and frame them ? Its easier than you think.

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