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Zoe, Tehidy April 2009As you've probably noticed I've made a few changes to my website and you should see some updates to the portfolio over the next few days. I intend to keep adding what I consider to be my best work to that section but I've made the changes to allow me to keep a weekly blog covering what I've seen and (hopefully !) photographed, mainly in Cornwall but sometimes further afield.

I take many images which, whilst I don't consider to be "portfolio" standard I hope will be of interest anyway. My old blog didn't have enough room for me to write in any detail either - or any form of sensible archiving so I've updated the software to add this functionality in.

Its been a strange spring - we've had everything from a mini heat wave which resulted in getting subburnt whilst seal watching - to torrential rain and flooding. Despite that spring is well under way with the woods turning into a riot of wild flowers including the annual favourites bluebells and wild garlic. Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing with you some of my favourite locations and experiences starting with those on my doorstep.

As always your feedback and comments are more than welcome.

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